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V Live International

V Live with safe natural ingredients extracted from advance German technology provides the body with about 160 essential nutrients, As a comprehensive health solution, treatment of root diseasein in the line of cell health products.


Welcome to our site! At V Live, we’re inspired by your passion for a happy, healthy, and empowered lifestyle—because we are, too. Our range of cell-supplements is designed to restore healthy cells, so you can enjoy wholesome health, naturally.


We’re also inspired by passionate folks like you who are looking to be a part of a purpose-driven business created to improve quality of life, while creating prosperity and growth for all. As a V Live customer, not only will you enjoy better health and confidence, you’ll be coached and equipped for your success!


To keep leading in the line of comprehensive healthcare products using the state-of-art technology.


Keeping dedicating and constantly researching to launch body-friendly product lines which are good for human’s internal physiology, aiming at comprehensively improving human health in the shortest possible time and spreading the underlying disease screening solutions to the community with all our heart.

Healthy cells, wholesome health!

We started V Live because we’re passionate about health. We’ve also discovered, staying fit and well has a lot to do with keeping the body’s cells healthy, so it’s able to absorb more nutrients. Many may not know our cells grow weak when it’s not able to receive the daily vital nutrients and minerals it needs.

Other factors contributing to weakened cells and poorer health:

Lack of fresh oxygen, Lack of sufficient rest, Stress and unhealthy lifestyles causing our body’s pH to be overly acidic with high build-up of toxins, Eating too much, too fast, Unbalanced diet / oily food.

Signs your cells and health condition isn’t at its optimal best:

Insomnia, Obesity, Cough, Backache, Migraine

Sensitive Skin, Fatigue, Diarrhea, Hair Loss

V Live has identified the 3 Health Essential for healthy cells:

1st Health Code: Body Temperature

Maintaining 36.5°C, 365 days a year so cells generate energy.

2nd Health Code: Balanced Body ph

Returning from overly Acidic or Alkaline to Neutral 7.035 pH.

3rd Health Code: Spinal & Weight Balance

Restoring balance to your spinal and weight condition is key.

Do you know that your body needs more than 160 elements to stay healthy? Are your cells healthy enough to take in all of them?

Time to V Live!

Each and every V Live products are designed to support you in restoring Healthy Cells and Wholesome Health with German Technology:

HBA – High Bio-Availability

NSP – Nutrient Sequence Precursor

TWS – Total Wellness Solution

High Bio – Availability (HBA)

The nutrients needed to nourish cells must be of high bio energy, so it can activate cells to perform at its optimal best daily, while keeping you healthy.

Nutrient Sequence Precursor (NSP)

The nutritional arrangement works to ensure that nutrients are absorbed quickly, nourishing our 70 trillion body cells. Nutrients treated can be absorbed more effectively through molecule rearrangement.

Total Wellness Solution (TWS)

Scientifically developed to restore total balance and wellness, each product is designed to perform targeted cellular repair, delivering personalised results.



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