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世界企业成功纪录大全认证 简介














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Asia Success 2017 (652)
Asia Success 2017 (649)

World Success Book of Records Recognition Introduction

Joint Organisers


The objective of the “World Success Book of Records Recognition” is to avow and acclaim, as well as pay tribute to exceptional entrepreneurs of various industries from all over the world, concurrently promoting their brands of excellence to the market.


The “World Success Book of Records Recognition” at the same time lauds the effort of individuals who showed positive influence and significant contributions towards the society in terms of political, economic, cultural and educational development. From there, encourages people from all walks of life to further contribute to the needs of the community and create positive values.


Winners of the “World Success Book of Records Recognition” preserve various proven successful business models which have a high degree of learning value, hence their success stories will be documented in a special edition of the “World Success Book of Records” to be distributed and promoted throughout Malaysia and overseas.


 “World Success Book of Records Recognition” special edition is mainly to promote these outstanding individuals and excellent corporate brands hoping to leave a significant impression deep in the heart of all the consumers in Malaysia and abroad, and from there introduce to the world the pride of our country. Concurrently, they could be the role models for our up and coming youths and new generations.


 “World Success Book of Records Recognition” organized by Success Economic Development Entrepreneurs Organization (SEDEO) was established in 2015, led by a group of outstanding entrepreneurs. It is a chamber of commerce with a mission to boost the world’s economy development. Its members consist of entrepreneurs, officers, academicians, and people from various sectors.


SEDEO aims to develop and enhance the collaboration of entrepreneurs all over the world, to bridge communications and foster a good relationship between them by establishing a wonderful platform for interaction, and to help create the value and advantages of regional economy. From there, promoting global economic development as well as driving global contribution of various enterprises to achieve social harmony and sustainable development ultimately.

Hotline: +6016-332 6621/ +6012-403 9969

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