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国际企业影响力奖 简介



























1.    亚洲企业影响力大奖

2.    亚洲最具影响力贡献奖(通过邀请)

3.    亚洲企业最具影响力品牌奖

4.    亚洲企业最具影响力产品奖

5.    亚洲企业最具影响力服务奖

6.    亚洲企业最具影响力美容与健康奖

7.    亚洲企业最具影响力企业社会责任奖

8.    亚洲企业最具影响力经济发展奖

9.    亚洲企业最具影响力团队奖

10.   亚洲企业最具影响力女企业家奖

11.   亚洲企业最具影响力企业家奖

12.   亚洲企业最具影响力青年企业家奖

13.   亚洲企业最具影响力新锐企业奖

14.   亚洲最具影响力文化成就奖

15.   亚洲最具影响力名人奖(通过邀请)




1.    马来西亚企业影响力大奖

2.    马来西亚最具影响力贡献奖(通过邀请)

3.    马来西亚企业最具影响力品牌奖

4.    马来西亚企业最具影响力产品奖

5.    马来西亚企业最具影响力服务奖

6.    马来西亚企业最具影响力美容与健康奖

7.    马来西亚企业最具影响力企业社会责任奖

8.    马来西亚企业最具影响力经济发展奖

9.    马来西亚企业最具影响力团队奖

10.   马来西亚企业最具影响力女企业家奖

11.   马来西亚企业最具影响力企业家奖

12.   马来西亚企业最具影响力青年企业家奖

13.   马来西亚企业最具影响力新锐企业奖

14.   马来西亚最具影响力文化成就奖

15.   马来西亚最具影响力名人奖(通过邀请)

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International Most impactful Award Introduction

Joint Organisers

International Most Impactful Awards--Global Influencer Awards

International Most Impactful Awards (MIA) aim to recognize outstanding SMEs or entrepreneurs, whereby upholding outstanding brand management and extraordinary pragmatic entrepreneurship. Their perseverance and entrepreneurship reflect a good model to others, and deserved to be awarded. In addition, International Most Impactful Awards also recognize distinguished persons who contributed in different areas.


Asia has recorded a population of 4.1 billion and the SMEs accounted for almost 97 percent from the total number of enterprises. The ratio shows that SMEs is the major contribution towards national economy growth.


Asia Success Media Group was registered in year 2010 as the first ever successful Malaysia's leading integrated branding media, for the Asia readers. The affordable magazine is general public-oriented but provides in-depth professional business branding coverage, by holding the Chinese philosophic concept of “To build corporate prestige image and superb branding charisma; to facilitate the success roadmap of entrepreneur.”


Jointly organized by Malaysia Profession Influential Entrepreneurs Organization (PIEO) and Asia Success Inc. Branding Magazine, the launch of International Most Impactful Awards (MIA), which include 2 types of awards, Asia Most Impactful Awards (AMIA) and Malaysia Most Impactful Awards (MMIA), and the special addition Malaysia Regional Most Impactful Award, it will strengthen the national economy with the contribution of small and medium enterprises with outstanding performance, and provides companies a high degree of recognition.


These awards are not only allowing entrepreneurs to get recognized from the society, but also served as the most effective method in branding strategy. Moreover, awards could enhance the brand image and thus strengthen a corporate customer relationship and professional image. Hence, brand enhancement also increase trustworthy name among the consumers. Branding is the most effective way to guarantee sustainable development of enterprises in the market.


From the business perspective, award-winners encourage SMEs to learn from their successful experience, through their sharing and role model, at the same time, enhance their global market competitiveness and gain advantages. The success role also motivates new players to become next superstars in IMIA, AMIA and MMIA. These awards are open for SMEs annually. Nominated candidates must meet the basic requirements or criteria to be awarded.


Categories of Asia Most Impactful Awards (AMIA):

1.         Asia Grand Impactful Award

2.         Asia Most Impactful Contribution Award (By Invitation)

3.         Asia Most Impactful Brand Award

4.         Asia Most Impactful Product Award

5.         Asia Most Impactful Service Award

6.         Asia Most Impactful Beauty & Health Award

7.         Asia Most Impactful CSR Award

8.         Asia Most Impactful Economic Development Award

9.         Asia Most Impactful Team Award

10.       Asia Most Impactful Women Entrepreneur Award

11.       Asia Most Impactful Entrepreneur Award

12.       Asia Most Impactful Young Entrepreneur Award

13.       Asia Most Impactful Rising Star Award

14.       Asia Most Impactful Cultural Achievement Award

15.       Asia Most Impactful Celebrity Award (By Invitation)


Categories of Malaysia Most Impactful Awards (MMIA):

1.         Malaysia Grand Impactful Award

2.         Malaysia Most Impactful Contribution Award (By Invitation)

3.         Malaysia Most Impactful Brand Award

4.         Malaysia Most Impactful Product Award

5.         Malaysia Most Impactful Service Award

6.         Malaysia Most Impactful Beauty & Health Award

7.         Malaysia Most Impactful CSR Award

8.         Malaysia Most Impactful Economic Development Award

9.         Malaysia Most Impactful Team Award

10.       Malaysia Most Impactful Women Entrepreneur Award

11.       Malaysia Most Impactful Entrepreneur Award

12.       Malaysia Most Impactful Young Entrepreneur Award

13.       Malaysia Most Impactful Rising Star Award

14.       Malaysia Most Impactful Cultural Achievement Award

15.       Malaysia Most Impactful Celebrity Award (By Invitation)

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