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Asia Legendary Young Entrepreneur Award

亚洲风云青年企业家奖 (马来西亚)


I’m at the age of 19 years old, I started a part-time work and study business.

From there i have my foundation, then I moved on to took a Franchise from an education group, until now I have established my own

. My passion in education has shaped what I am today, by changing the ways of studying, it creates a great sense of accomplishment. I’m happy to see the changes of my students, and of course I will not be able to archived this without a group of teachers who supported me over the years. Alyssa is my partner.

Pain points: student achievement and attitudes, improving the way parents educate their children.

There are many competitors out there, what makes us stand out of our competitors is that we improved our soft power (relationship, care, concern, mission), we pay more attention to the physical and mental health of children

Vision: To be the largest educational institution trusted by parents in Malaysia

Mision: For Students: Let Every Student Shine a Love of Learning

To the team: change the fate of students with heart and love.

I lead and help the teams to achieve their desired goals and continue the mission of education.

We have our own education system, our own teaching materials followed by school syllabus,

our own parenting consultant, ‘’Little Big Man’’ future school program, we also communicate with examiners regularly, and we also cooperate with Eduhero & many educational institutions. With that said, we can get the latest information and help parents solve parenting problems in the first place. Provide students with the best education whether it is grades or attitudes and behaviors.

Last year, due to MCO circumstances, things has began to transform into online, and we cooperated with ‘’Gurupanda’’on e-self learning and dared to take the first step. We see the space for online education.

Whenever there is a decision-making, we will have a meeting to discuss and deep-dive the advantages and disadvantages with the partners. The team is very cultural, that is, we are professional in public affairs, and we are united as one.

We started to develop online teaching during the pandemic.

Our company’s products are from 6 years old to 18 years old. The topic we often share is about education, many parents

Frequently asked about how and how we educated our children.

10 steps to great kids

Step 1: Stimulate your child’s curiosity

Step 2: Stimulate your child’s creativity

Step3:Develop your child’s sense of responsibility

Step4: Develop your child’s concentration

Step 5: Parents communicate with children skills

Step 6: Student Experiential Teaching

Step 7: Student Emotion Management Skills

Step 8: Teacher Anatomy Teaching

Step 9: The Law of Memory

Step 10: Practice

Corporate principles

1. For students: Light up children’s learning fun

2. To parents: become a bridge of communication between parents and children

3. For the team: - focus on physical and spiritual growth

- Practice to achieve goals

- Be grateful

- Treat people with sincerity and hospitality



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