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Asia Legendary Young Entrepreneur Award ( Malaysia )

亚洲风云青年企业家奖 (马来西亚)


Fantasy Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd has been around since 2008 and with more than 14 years experience in construction industry, we take pride in our core business value which is to provide the utmost quality of service at reasonable prices.

We are experts in customized stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum products. Here at Fantasy Stainless Steel, we specialise mostly on staircase, railings, balcony handrail, window grill, auto gate, polycarbonate awning, aluminum composite awning, glass roof, fencing, letter box, and all kinds of stainless steel fabrication works.

Equipped with highly skilled and experienced specialist, we are confident in the quality and timeliness of our deliverables. Our one-stop service centre provides an extensive range of services including professional consultation, custom-made desgins, outstanding workmanship, installation and after sales services. Our prioirty would be to continuously enhance our services through innnovation and improved cost efficiency in order to achieve absolute customer satisfaction!

At Fantasy Stainless Steel, we employ workplace inclusivity, ensuring a space for team players to be comfortable and perform to their highest potential. Through a process-centric integration, technology-enabled and up to date training, we are able to deliver our services in a reliable and sustainable manner. Now, your solution is just a call away!


Providing safe, secure and reliable product and services at a reasonable price affordable to all.


To improve quality of life and to provide a sense of comfort and security for an enhanced living experience like never before.



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