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Asia Legendary Young Entrepreneur Award


Justin is a Mandarin blockchain speaker in the academy, and he is also an investor entrepreneur as well as blockchain mentor. The current year 2021 is his seventh year in doing blockchain research and education. He mainly studies investment strategies and the metrics behind it, so he now devotes his time to blockchain teaching in David Justin and imparts knowledge to others on profit creation.

once did not know how to manage money, so he could not make ends meet. The house leaked every night and it rained. When the economy was in trouble, he was unemployed. He worked as a homeless person for a whole year, living with zero income. In desperation, he had to sell his car to support his living.

At the bottom of his life, he learned about digital currency from a friend. At the beginning, he was skeptical about this new term in financial technology. After in-depth understanding, he saw the dawn of investment and believed that digital currency will be a new investment trend in the future.

His forward-looking vision and unique insights have enabled him to turn around in three years, climb to a high position, and become an entrepreneur, mentor, and consultant. He specializes in digital currency strategies and equations to ensure the best profit with the lowest risk. He has assembled his own experience, knowledge and research experience into practical courses, and passed them on to the students through DavidJustin Academy, so that everyone can avoid many mistakes on the road of investment.

In the past five years, he has invested in DavidJustin Academy without any regrets. Although the Academy suffered losses in the first two years, he believes that education is not about making profits, but more importantly, the growth and change of students. The rich harvest has already achieved the purpose of education.

He often said: “Wealth is scattered and people gather. If a person only gathers wealth in his own hands, he will not be able to win people’s hearts and go far. Only when people gather, can wealth gather and go higher and farther. When people are scattered, people are scattered and wealth is scattered; when wealth is scattered, people gather, and people gather and wealth gather. “

A person’s choice of interests determines how far a person can go. This is a kind of wisdom that he founded DavidJustin Academy!

The most high-profile new financial technology in this era, the blockchain, a mythical technology driven by Bitcoin, has caused the market value of digital currency to skyrocket in just ten years, attracting the attention of global investors. Many people are full of curiosity and excitement about this unfamiliar and unknown new field, but it has also caused many unscrupulous people to take the opportunity to fish in the water, resulting in the equating of digital currency and money games.

In 2014, digital currency also greatly attracted a young man, Justin Chen Jinrong, who became extremely interested in it. However, the knowledge and information about the emerging technology of blockchain is very limited. He can only rely on himself to constantly search and explore in the international financial network. He has encountered countless nails, but he has also learned a lot from stumbles. Valuable experience and knowledge, and at the same time let him earn the first pot of gold in his life.

Therefore, he shared his experience on the blockchain with two friends, David Lin Taiwei and David Yang Enci. At first, the two friends were not optimistic about the blockchain, thinking that it might just be a bubble phenomenon. But when they see Justin Chen Jinrong’s intentions and achievements, they gradually discover its boundless development space and huge potential. The decentralization of the blockchain will be the economic trend that will control the future.



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