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Asia Legendary Young Entrepreneur Award (Malaysia)

亚洲风云青年企业家奖( 马来西亚 )


Carlson Chia Ban Guan,aged 34,a Malaysian,is the founder of CL Group Auto Service (M) Sdn Bhd (CL GROUP).He has about 13 years of professional marketing experience of which more than 4 years of experience in the car vehicle service line.

He started his career in 2004 in the selling car spare parts business. In 2017 he create a new business which is car vehicle service line. He continued with his mechanic skills and business knowledge,as well as management skills.

In the first time MCO since 18th mac 2020 he started his business way from offline to onlinie. He started do car knowledge sharing in social media,like Facebook, TikTok ,Instagram and Youtube.Within 2 years time he successed to gain 600k followers,almost 92% is come from Malaysia. He also successed to gain a bluethick by TikTok Offical.

His position himself as a car sharing knowledge. Regardless of any car problem, He can provide professional advice and how to solve the car problem to ensure that the customer’s problem is solved.

He believe in the law of attraction. He promise to use life to affect life. He will work hard to realize my vision and mission. He will redouble my efforts to share more valuable automotive knowledge with more people to ensure that everyone is familiar with cars. The most important thing is that they can have a deeper understanding of automobile knowledge and spend less money on unnecessary repairs.

He also held several social position as his way of contributing to society.

Social postions held:

1.Chairman of SME Youth (Perak State)

2.Vice president of JCI IPOH

3.Chairman of Hin Aun Association (Perak State)

4.Vice president of Hin Aun Association (2019 - 2021)

If must put a name on it, he will definitely be called “Automotive Knowledge Sharing Instructor”



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