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Asia Legendary Young Entrepreneur Award ( Malaysia )

亚洲风云青年企业家奖 (马来西亚)


A Company was established in 2009 and is located at Ipoh. Our positioning service is vehicle window tinting, commercial and building window film.

Malaysia is like summer and the weather is very hot, in order to allow all car owners to have a good quality thermal insulation film to resist the sweltering hat in the car interior and slove their problems.

At that time , we also successfully connected with some new car dealers. In order to facilitate the car owners to installed the car heat insulation film before picking up the new car, so that they can solve the problem of the hot interior of the car at the first time, and also increased a lot of regular customers.

Until 2016, when the market started to become more and more competitive, the business of car dealers gradually decreased, and at the same time, we learned about the changes in the market, so we decided to add two products and technologies at this time to provide car dealers and customers.

The first product service is coating. Once the coating is installed, it can easily wash the car. It is a new technology of anti-dirt, anti fouling and anti-oxidation. For some car owners who prefer to maintain their cars, it will definitely save them waxing. Consumption and time, the car owner can easily take care of it, and can also maintain the brightness of the car.

The second product and service is the invisible car cover. This product can solve the pain points of many car lovers. Many car owners have no way to solve the problem of their car dragging paint, that is, whether It is a new car or an old car, once driving on the highway, They will all face the small stones hitting the car body, leaving marks on the car body, and in severe cases, the paint will be dragged, which makes them feel very heartache and cannot be avoided no matter what the circumstances. At this time, the invisible car cover can solve the problem of these car owners. In the long run, it can keep the original car paint without any scars.

Just in 2020, because of an epidemic, I found space and changed the company’s business model.

From offline to online, I borrowed the power of short videos to successfully promote the knowledge of invisible car clothing online, and borrowing social platforms such as Tik tok , Instagram, Facebook, Google and YouTube, in just two years, it has successfully acquired 150,000 accurate followers. Now all business sources come from social platforms, and there are customer groups from all over Malaysia.

The company’s mission is make all cars different and drive with confidence.


1. Create a new car image platform

2. Within three years (2025), establish the most distinctive car image academy.

3. Within three years(2025), there will be at least 20 flagship stores across Malaysia.



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