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Asia Legendary Emerging Leader Award (Malaysia)

亚洲风云新锐领袖奖 (马来西亚)


Aaron Lim is the Founder and Managing Director of I Chemy Sdn Bhd (“I Chemy”). His journey started with humble beginnings as a young man fending for himself and climbing his way up the corporate ladder alongside pursuing his Masters in International Business. Since childhood, Aaron always had a vision that he would one day dabble in entrepreneurship and be the owner to a successful business. Soon after completing his Masters, Aaron pursued a career in Sales in a chemical-based company. Being in the chemicals industry for over 5 years, it naturally progressed into him starting up his own company supplying hygiene & industrial chemicals. What was once a small business at inception has rapidly grown into one of the largest chemical solutions provider in Malaysia that is known for innovating the chemical industrial space.

I Chemy is a market leader in hygiene and industrial chemical products and is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of quality products, innovative technology and impeccable service to clients all over Malaysia. I Chemy offers a full range of industrial cleaning and beauty products with the capabilities to tailor products to the specific needs of various industries. This is all made possible because of Aaron’s deeply rooted knowledge and understanding of the industry and fueled by his desire to provide the best industrial chemical solutions to the market. Recognizing the need for and importance of industrial chemicals to every other industry, Aaron is driven by the notion that “in order to succeed in something, you must be able to have the trifecta of quality, service and cost-efficiency”. To this day, I Chemy continues growing alongside Aaron’s burning desire for success.

Aaron strongly believes that it is the responsibility of the management to motivate their employees and encourages his employees to be supportive of each other regularly. Developing trust and mutual understanding will lead to a positive outcome and work environment. He uses a top-down approach, and believes that great leadership starts from the top and trickles down into the rest of the organization. His steadfast determination and passion for success will bring I Chemy to greater heights within the industry.



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