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Asia Legendary Artist Award


Bernice has extensive consulting and management experience in the entertainment and hospitality industry worldwide, with a main focus in Hong Kong, Greater China and Southeast Asia.

With a career spanning 20 years in the entertainment industry, she has also a diversified business portfolio in the food & beverage industry.

Bernice Liu was the winner of the Miss Chinese Vancouver 2000 and the Miss Chinese International pageant 2001, which jumpstarted her career at TVB Hong Kong, and gave her international stardom as an entertainer. Over 10 years, her work was recognized worldwide as an actor and as a philanthropist, donating monies to various children’s charity and to her heritage home, linking the Chinese Communities and organizations in Vancouver BC to Shunde, China. She was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medallion for her work locally, regionally, and internationally. Bernice Liu’s celebrity status has enabled her to utilize her artiste identity to promote and encourage charity and philanthropic work among large and small organizations such as UNICEF, WORLDVISION, HONG KONG BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION, CHILDREN’S CATASTROPHIC DISEASE FOUNDATION, etc.

Born and raised in Prince Rupert BC, Bernice’s work has not only touched those of the Chinese community of BC, it has also bridged the communication channels throughout the local Chinese and those living abroad, connecting the younger generation and those of the Chinese heritage communities in China for future possible collaborations.An entrepreneur, she owns a bar (RACKS) and a central kitchen (CRFT), and is the founder of her own boutique winery business (BELLAVIZIO) for over 10 years. During COVID, the F&B industry was greatly affected. It inspired her to create the e-commerce business- She was featured in the “Listen To Her” segment for SCMP, speaking on the pandemic and its effect on the wine business with over 420K views.Bernice has been inducted into the: Commanderie du Bontemps, Commanderie de Bordeaux,Commanderie du Coteaux de Champagne as Officier. In addition, she is bestowed the role of a Cavaliere of the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and Wines of Alba. Also, she is a certified sommelier of the Hong Kong and Greater China region and is an active member of the Association of Disciples Escoffier International. She has judged various sommelier and wine competitions throughout Asia including the Cathay Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Bernice Liu is a well-known actress, performer, and philanthropist. She has starred in numerous television dramas, comedies, and movies over the span of her entertainment career of over 20 years. Her showshave been aired all over the world and since 2008, Bernice has expanded her journey in life through her wine Bellavizio.

Bernice Liu has been a “travelling winemaker” for over 10 years. She started Bellavizio in 2008 in Napa Valley, first creating a chardonnay and Merlot in 2009, and with her 2009 Coombsville Merlot, Bellavizio received its first medal of commendation in the Decanter World Wine Awards 2013. In addition, Bernice also created a Bordeaux blend, with it also doing very well in 2012: Bellavizio Bordeaux White 2010 won a silver medal in the Grand Harvest Awards, and Bellavizio Bordeaux Red 2010 won 2 medals: Gold in the Women’s Wine Competition and Bronze in the Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2012. In 2013, two of her wines received medal standings in the Decanter Asia Wine Awards, and in 2014 Bellavizio Bordeaux Rouge was awarded bronze in the Decanter World Wine Awards. In 2015, Bellavizio made a double gold record, with both Bellavizio Bordeaux Blanc 2011 and Bellavizio Bordeaux Rouge 2011 winning Gold Medals in the Grand Harvest Awards. In addition, Bellavizio Bordeaux Rouge 2011 was given the prestigiousmedal standing of Best of Class in this competition. In 2019, the 2014 Bordeaux Rouge won a Double Gold Award in The 6th Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Award and Bernice was chosen as the top 10 best women winemaker. This year, her Bellavizio Bordeaux Rouge 2016 and Bordeaux Blanc 2015 were awarded a Gold Medal and Silver Medal in the Women’s Wine & Spirits Award 2021 which is a significant competition judged by women buyers.

Bernice was inducted into the Commanderie du Bontemps in 2012 and has also completed her WSET levels 1, 2, and 3. She is also an active member of the Hong Kong Sommelier Association and has been on various panels for wine judging competitions and consulting such as the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival 2014. In 2016, Bernice was inducted into the Commanderie de Champagne, adding to her acceptance into the wine community as a key personality promoting wine & dining in Asia. Most recently, she was inducted into the Knights of Alba society of Italy in 2018. She has written various articles and has been featured in magazines and newspapers such as WineNow, WineLuxe, deLuxe, Michelin Guide, Milk China, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Economic Journal, etc. Her love and passion for wine has led her to meet many great wine friends and mentors along her journey, one of which is Eric Boissenot who consults 4 of the 5 Grand Cru Classe wines of Bordeaux. Bernice’s charitable efforts with her wine have won her great recognition on a worldwide platform in terms of wine auctions. In 2013, her wine was auctioned for $250,000.00rmb for one bottle and $300,000.00rmb in 2014, where all proceeds were donated to the BOSS Charity Event, helping children with disabilities and in need of aid.

Bernice’s acting career combined with her passion for wine has led her to receive recognition for positively promoting internationalism through her charity work between Canada, China, and France, receiving the Queens’ Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honour in February of 2013. She was also appointed to be one of the 150 Canada Ambassadors in 2017. Recently, with the whole COVID situation all over the world, Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, the renowned annual event held by Hong Kong Tourism Board was held online and Bernice was one of the honour speakers sharing as a travel winemaker.

Bernice hopes to continue her wine journey and share her experiences and passions with more and more friends who enjoy life, enjoy wine. With this ambition, she created WINEMAVEN.IO, a platform for all the wine lover and everyone in the industry to communicate. It was featured in South China Morning Post, which gave it an international recognition hence the live chat sessions worldwide with prestigious chateaux such as Lafite, CMS, MW such as Jeannie Cho Lee, etc a way to “keep the conversation going” throughout this past year of COVID circumstances.



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